About Us

The decision to establish the Association came from the idea that in the era we are going through there is a need to create a group, which will give directions, define the correct procedures, regarding the study, construction, certification and maintenance of an optical fiber network and will support not only its members, but our industry in general.

Note that this is an Association and not a Union and we do not want to get involved with the term "politics" in any way.

We believe in and faithfully follow democratic and transparent procedures. Based on these, the Board is elected and all decisions are made.

Moschonas Georgios

Asvestopoulos Georgios


Vice Chairman

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white light on white wall

Public Relations

Katis Ioannis

Bogdanos Stelios


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gray concrete painted wall

Bakos Aris


Noulas Thomas

Member of Board

Papaioannou Paris

Member of Board